Introducing Philip and Toni Powell, the designers and crafters of fine titanium jewelry.

With 12 years of titanium research, and then 16 years of practise (28 years in total), Philip and Toni are considered leaders in their field of titanium jewelry design and development.

Their work is a family affair, with all 5 children helping to design and make these special gifts over the years.

The Titanium Crafts studio is packed away since moving to the sunshine coast, Queensland. With beautiful landscapes and animals providing the backdrop, Philip and Toni have the perfect inspiration for this unqiuely Australian titanium jewelry!

About Us – Philip and Toni Powell

The founders of Titanium are Philip and Toni Powell. Widely regarded as world-leading titanium jewelry craftspeople, the team at Titanium Crafts have over a two decades of titanium jewelry research, design and manufacturing experience.

Unfortunately their work has had a break as they slowly rebuilt their workshop space after a move. This website will eventually be rebuild as we have the workshop space.